Bullet-Proof Data Quality, Enhance RWE Generation with AI & Natural Language Processing, Improve Collaboration with Stakeholders & Consolidate Integrated Evidence Planning to Transform Your RWE Strategy

Welcome to the 12th IMPACCT Real World Evidence Summit

Digitalization and centralization of datasets have vastly increased the volume of RWD. Advances in AI, deep learning, and large language models have revolutionized big data analysis. Payers and regulators are prioritizing RWE in submissions. These three revolutions are driving a boom in RWE. However, questions remain for clinical, regulatory, and HEOR experts on how to best leverage and disseminate this data.

Join us at the 12th IMPACCT Real World Evidence Summit, the premier industry event dedicated to uniting RWE and Evidence Generation experts. This is your opportunity to innovate and apply RWE across the drug development lifecycle, from external control arms to reimbursement.

We Will Be Shining The Spotlight On:

  • Consolidating data quality to increase the reliability of RWD
  • Enabling effective cross-functional collaboration to streamline operational barriers
  • Integrating AI and deep learning to enhance data analysis to seamlessly integrate RWD
  • Developing a robust integrated evidence strategy to establish timelines across study designs.

Network with over 140 industry pioneers including Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Pfizer, Takeda, Eli Lilly & Co, Sanofi, and more. Together, let's forge a comprehensive evidence plan, break free from silos, and bridge the gap between clinical research and practice.

Expert Speaker Faculty Includes:

Hear From Our Past Participants:

"I enjoyed the presentations from various stakeholders, small group discussions and networking sessions”- Pfizer

“It was valuable to connect with other RWE experts across the global landscape.”– J&J

“Relevant and state-of-the art presentations addressing challenges anyone working in the health data space and evidence generation will be facing. A great forum to discuss methodologies and innovations to bring us forward” - Eli Lilly & Co

“Very relevant topic and talks, networking opportunities” - Merck

“Very professional and knowledgeable speakers” J&J


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